Human trafficking and Slavery is Real: Meet Naresh Kumar

Rather than write a post today I’d like to share a website that I believe is so important. Naresh Kumar is an amazing human being who is raising money and awareness of the crimes against God and humanity called human slavery and human trafficking. He is riding his tandem bicycle from India to Germany! I first became aware of Naresh through a running podcast. Podcast link here.  * He told such amazing stories and his love for his fellow humans is obvious. Everywhere he goes, people are drawn to him and offer him food and lodging in their own homes, even though most of these people are very poor. Naresh has completed other major expeditions including  walking, biking and running 3300km  in New Zealand.

nareshnewzealandInterview with Naresh about how he got to where he is.

Te Araroa Trail: The Man in Sandals

Please donate to the cause if you can.

 Here is Naresh’s website, Freedomseat.


*RIP to the podcaster Stephen who passed away 2 years ago.

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