Rap Music with a different Message

I’ve always loved music with a good beat, like disco, Latin music, reggae, RnB, anything that makes me tap the steering wheel or get up and dance in the kitchen.  But since my relationship with God has gotten stronger I have not felt good listening to a lot of popular songs due to the lyrics. I recently discovered a local radio station that is not new but it seems like maybe the music has improved since the last time I listened. It’s called NGEN Radio and they play Christian Rap and Hip Hop and similar songs, not the contemporary Christian of the other stations. You can also listen online.  They do tend to be quite repetitive so I have already picked up a few favorites after just a few weeks of listening off and on. Here are a couple for your listening pleasure. It’s really hard to hear the lyrics in a lot of the songs, but I trust that since it’s a Christian station, there is nothing bad in there.

This next one tells the true story of the rapper WhatUpRG’s dad being deported to Mexico.

What do you think of these songs? What are some of your favorite Christian artists and songs?
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  1. Amen! All those brothers are part of Lecrae’s 116 crew! I love all that music! Tedashii’s new album is great. KB just came out with a song called “Long live the champion” that has Latin rhythms in it. That one is cool too. Great choice in music!😊 God bless!

    • I am new to this so thanks for the info!! I didn’t know what 116 was. I watched a documentary about WHATUPRG and he mentioned that. I just heard a good one by Social Club Misfits, Que Lo Que. God bless!

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of rap or hip hop, but I’m glad there are Christians in that genre. More power to them!
    We (the Church) need to let people express their faith from their own hearts, in their own way. I’ve seen some Christians get very judgmental about whatever styles of music they personally don’t like, and it was (in my opinion) damaging to the Body of Christ. It was tantamount to saying “I don’t like this kind of music, so God doesn’t like it, either.” As long as the lyrics express love for God, let’s rejoice in our diversity. (I Corinthians 12)

    • I wasn’t a fan either, but since my son is a rap music producer/grocery store manager, I listened . 😊 and I was pleasantly surprised! I know that it’s controversial and agree that some music is not really Christian. I don’t like the contemporary songs that sound more like romantic lyrics but claim to be Christian. But it’s not really my place to judge others. Hopefully that music is just a temporary or part time phase and people will also listen to some other types that seem more holy and honoring to God. I love hymns and classical music as well and find them so soothing and inspiring.

      • I think the songs you refer to are what we used to call “You songs,” where “you” could be God or a lover. It seems to be a way to “sneak” Christian music into a setting such as an open mic night. But it could also be seen as similar to the Song of Solomon, where the relationship between God and Israel (Or Christ and His Church) is presented as being like a love affair between a man and a woman. I guess some music is what you make it.

  3. Catchy music is always fun to listen to! I’m all for finding more music that I enjoy praising God…I am not a huge rap fan, but that is more the message than the music. I will have to give these a listen and be on the lookout for some more music with positive lyrics in the genres I enjoy 🙂 God Bless!

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