Awww! Cute Cat Photos

We love our cats! Can’t say if they love us or not. The gray one thinks she is the queen of the castle. She has let the dogs know who is boss a few times. Mee-owww!  The orange one is a tough kitty, but he watches the dogs closely and keeps a safe distance. He mostly lives outside and often gets into skirmishes, but he is a survivor. We adopted him and his sibling as tiny orphaned kittens when our cat had just given birth. She was a good mother to them. Sadly our Blackie, the one on the yellow truck is no longer with us. Country life is hard on cats. We have had more disappear over the years than we’ve kept. Enjoy!

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    • We have had several litters of kittens, before I discovered the low cost spaying option, and we are pretty sure hawks got some of those. Other full grown cats have just disappeared . Maybe they found other homes , maybe wild animals got them. We live in a wooded area with coyotes, wild pigs, loose dogs, possums, snakes, etc. We have also gone through quite a few dogs due to people stealing them, getting hit by cars, and getting shot by neighbors. I’m talking about in the 16 years we’ve lived here. That’s why we keep our current pets inside most of the time.

  1. I miss having a cat…my husband is not a fan (with legitimate reason!). We did have one when we first got married, he lived for a nice, long twelve years. I was surprised he lasted that long considering we live in a very rural area. But he was a BIG cat and certain animal populations decreased while he was here. (I had no problem with the mice population decreasing, lol!) Great pictures, thank you for sharing, and God Bless!

    • I’m sorry you can’t have a cat. And you’re right , they can be helpful! Kittens are so fun, I really want another one, but the litter box smell just kills me!

      • Haha, yeah…I’m NOT a fan of litterboxes 🙂 We always made our cat go outside (too much litterbox dumping for me as a child, lol) and I admit my poor husband was the one who would get up in the night to let him out! (Probably another reason he’s not a fan!) 🙂

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