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Most of you know that I am a homeschooling mom. I haven’t posted much about it, I guess because I’ve been doing it so long, since 1996, that it seems like old news. Rather than start a blog series on homeschooling, I would like to share this great one that I just found. I’m near the end of my career as a homeschool mom, but many are just considering it and need help. Check them out!

How to Homeschool  from Homeschool Superfreak. Looks like a good one!

My completely homeschooled sons are all unique , amazing individuals! I can’t wait to see what impact they leave on this world. 

Please also feel free to ask me questions about homeschooling.  The thought of giving up the public school system even when it has extreme problems can be daunting. I’ll be glad to tell you what has worked for us. Homeschooling is especially good for boys, kids with learning differences, ADHD, those with strong religious convictions, those in low performing school districts, those who want an advanced curriculum for their gifted child, children who are very busy with activities besides school and need more time for those activities, families who want to travel as part of their child’s education, anyone who does not like the public school method of large group instruction and prefers the traditional tutor style education, those who have a child that is already reading before Kindergarten and will most likely be stifled by public school, children who are being bullied and not getting any help from the school authorities,  etc !

Just a brief look at our homeschool family. My oldest son is a rap music producer, didn’t see that one coming! He currently works as a front end manager at a famous Texas grocery store. My next oldest  son works at a trucking company as a mechanic’s helper and mechanic in his own right who travels around the state helping stranded truckers. He is also teaching himself how to weld, all types, and built his own Harley chopper with his dad’s help. My third son is a grocery stocker who is still figuring out his career interests. He is very much like me and his dad all jumbled together. Grace is my 4th child and she is the family jewel and princess. My 5th son is 15 and can drive any vehicle, rides motorcycles, and works hard at all things mechanical. My baby is 13 and does well in school and enjoys reading Tom Clancy and playing video games with his brothers. My philosophy of schooling has always been to nurture and support the natural bent of the child, help them discover new interests and try them out, be a facilitator and guide more than a teacher. We enjoy using YouTube videos, a shelf full of textbooks that I’ve  collected over the years, the library, and the internet to discover our world and the world of knowledge.

Princess Grace presiding over her kingdom.
Father and son <3


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