The world is not going to get better in the end, but that’s okay

In my blog feed, I follow two types of writers, believers and non-believers. Within those types I notice two additional types. Believers who faithfully encourage and uplift with hope, trusting that God has things under control , versus the ones who aren’t so sure He can be trusted and have a lot of fear in their hearts. And then there are non-believers who are truly lost and have never had faith,  versus those who used to, or want to believe but for various reasons have decided God doesn’t exist or care about them or this world.

To me the scariest one are ‘Christians’ who think that God needs our help to fix this world and that it can be fixed. These people have not studied the Bible or have been lead astray by false teachers into thinking that God is waiting for humans to do certain things to usher in a new prosperous, peaceful world. That is not what the Bible teaches! This is a false teaching. Things will go up and down as far as war and peace and poverty and prosperity, but they will trend downward until Jesus returns in judgment against Satan and his followers. If you don’t follow Jesus, you follow Satan, whether you believe it or not. Satan has used people to do his earthly deeds of destruction since the beginning, starting with Cain, moving on to Herod, Roman emperors, and modern day dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. He also works in local governments, schools, churches, synagogues, and mosques. The progressive movement is actually a religious movement disguised as a political one. It is actually the HUMANIST movement which denies the existence of the spiritual world and even believes that religion is the cause of the world’s problems and should be abolished. Progressives have figured out over time that by dumbing down the schools, keeping people focused on the wrong things like celebrities, their bodies, sex, working to maintain a false sense of security,  and now addictive electronics, they can gradually destroy the family, the church and American freedom and government without anyone really fighting back. Based on the last few elections, they have almost succeeded. Christians must guard themselves and their families.

For the lost ones, I pray for you. For the discouraged ones, turn back to God.  For the misled ones, read your Bible.


  1. So true, there are a lot of things that take our focus off God, some so subtle that otherwise devoted believers are seduced away from the church without realizing it. (Check out “Seduction, the Frog,and the Death of Sunday,” my post from November 9. How many examples of this have you seen?)

  2. As a pastor, many of the biggest obstacles I try to help folks overcome is the ‘religion’ that the mis-guided (and mis- named?) Christians have forced on others as THE way to do things. The example set by the mindset of these Pharisees causes many innocent ones to stumble or worse yet, give up on faith altogether.
    Thank you for sharing this, it is something that needs to be heard to help us all better share the heart of Christ with the world around us.
    Pastor Chuck

    • Thanks for reading. I’m glad it spoke to you. I think most of us want to know the ‘right’ way to do things and the idea of ‘just believe’ and be saved, can be hard to accept in a world where we are judged by what our works. Humans always want to add to God’s plan , leading to all kinds of religious practices that lead us further away from Him. God bless you!

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