Being 12 again: Or the reality of Mid-life

The brain fog lifted briefly this morning and I realized that what I am going through right now is exactly what every one of us, male and female, struggled through at around age 12, give or take a year or two. Think back and recall the way your body suddenly took on a mind of it’s own and all you could do is hang on for the ride. One day your clothes fit and the next they were too tight or maybe too short. If you were truly unfortunate you may have become quite chubby even though you felt like you were starving to death. Another day you woke up with zits all over your face and greasy hair. Then you started having emotional mood swings from hell that made you hate your beloved parents and siblings and also cry over the dumbest things. You may have developed a crush on someone new or stopped being friends with a long time friend, but relationships in general became difficult because you lost your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings easily. No one understood you at all! You wanted to sleep all day and eat everything in the house and got mad when someone said you couldn’t. Life seemed hopeless one minute and exciting the next! Thankfully your friends were going through the same hormone journey with you and you consoled each other. You hated on the kids who seemed to not have any troubles, not realizing that they really did. You helped each other get through the really dark days.  What a wild roller-coaster ride it was and is.  All thanks to our good old changing hormones. Can’t wait to get control of my body again some day. But for now I will try to sit back and enjoy the ride.

iPhone 2012-15 065.JPG
Only a few short years ago I could wear that dress! 


  1. Man, to be 12 again. What a crazy time that was. What I remember most about myself then was I had a lot going on in my head and just didn’t know how to talk about it to anyone. I wasn’t even 11 when I started entering puberty so that was extra confusing and frustrating. Great photo, by the way. Your arms look so strong!

  2. I’m at least 2 years into peri menopause and have recently decided to make the next couple of years as peaceful and stress-free as I can make them. The rage and tearfulness FOR NO REASON mean I’ll have no friends left if I don’t do something about it.

    • It can be very difficult. I used and still occasionally use Emerita Progest cream. It’s a lifesaver. It is a little trickier now that I am so close to menopause, so I just use it for a day or two. But I highly recommend it.

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