Guest blog from my 13 yr old son: Operation Bird bomb

My kids do not enjoy writing, to put it mildly, but I thought this little story was pretty funny. Hope you like it, too! I left the formatting and punctuation errors in, but he will be doing some editing tomorrow. The assignment was to write a story from the perspective of any other person or animal. 

Operation Bird bomb by Eli Adams

I’m a pigeon who likes to crap on peoples cars. People don’t really appreciate us pigeons, I don’t get

It, I mean do they even know how hard it is to aim your poop while flying? Like one day I was

Swooping down low for a bombing run on this one car when a kid started shooting at me with his bb gun

I mean like come on! When I came around for the second run I dove straight at him and he

Got scared and started running so I decided to bomb him instead of the car, after I crapped on

His jacket I ended up going back for the car too but it was gone so I did my usual rounds in

The neighborhood pooping on all my favorite cars and bench’s and sidewalks when suddenly

I spotted the car that was missing, so I headed straight for it, when I saw a few other

Birds heading for it too, it was now a race to see who could poop on the car first.

I was in the lead when one of them passed me, then I knew I had failed so I went back


the end.


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