My “Good Week”


From talking to other women I know that I am not alone in that I really only feel very good, very strong, very motivated, very ‘together’ about one week per month. Those of you who do not suffer from sensitivity to hormone changes and hormone imbalances should really be thankful and also compassionate to the rest of us. This was my good week. I ran a lot more miles, felt confident and able to think and formulate sentences, blogged a lot,  was more social, and took more risks.  I was also more positive, hopeful, tolerant, and forgiving of others. I joked around a lot! These are actually common behaviors in women when their estrogen levels are rising prior to ovulation. As I’ve mentioned before in this post, I learned a lot about what is normal from a very helpful app.

What did I do this week? I ran a lot and felt pretty good even though it was super hot, including a 10 miler and two hill runs. My pace was pretty close to normal compared to some really slow runs I’ve had lately.   I went to a baby shower, not my favorite thing because I’m socially anxious, and I had a good time. I stayed on top of my regular chores and responsibilities like cooking and paying bills. I made a decision that we were going to visit a new church and I made it happen, which is huge! I signed up for a race, which I hope I don’t regret. It’s next weekend so who knows how I’ll be feeling by then.  And actually I’d consider my good week to have started last weekend when I volunteered and paced at Habanero 100. Even though I was still having some physical symptoms, I was mentally getting to a better place. It just took my body a few days to catch up.

But now, I feel my mood and energy levels beginning to change. I’m getting irritable, less positive, less energetic, and my skin looks yucky.  While I felt thinner and weighed less on the scale early in the week, today I’m back to feeling bloated.  It’s such a bummer. I just want to feel good all the time! Oh well, I just wanted to post this so other women who suffer from having only one really good week per month will know they are not alone. Yes, you can make the other days somewhat better through diet changes , supplements, exercise, yoga, prayer, gratitude, making lists, planning ahead, but still , you just don’t feel as great . I guess this is one way God keeps me dependent on Him. I accept it as his child and I thank him for being there for me on ALL the days!

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. ~ Psalm 73:26

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