The Moody Moon

I am a firm believer in the power of the moon over people’s moods. Why? Because I am a people watcher. It’s so obvious.  The moon will be full March 31, in 4 days.  The effect is already starting. The bigger it gets, the more crazy and emotional posts you will see on social media. People get anxious and chatty and impulsive.

Sure , scientists disagree and point to very sketchy research disproving that idea, but ask anyone with children, or who works in an emergency center or with special needs kids, the moon has an effect on behavior and emotions. You will see more seizures, more depressed people, more hyperactivity, more shootings, more accidents, more drinking.

The same thing happens when the moon gets smaller and smaller and there is ‘no moon’. People are in a bad way. But the new moon arrives and they feel relief!

How about you ? Feeling extra antsy? More emotional? A little more nervous? Angry? Irritable? Check the calendar. It’s probably either almost a full moon or almost a new moon. Try it!


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