A boot and crutches

March 3, 2018

Yesterday I was on my feet all day running errands , buying groceries and doing chores. When I woke up my leg was aching deep inside. I stayed in bed awhile while I consulted Dr. Google . I hope I’m wrong , but it really does sound like I have a tibial stress fracture. I did everything I shouldn’t do . I ignored increasing lower leg and ankle pain, increased my mileage too quickly on nothing but uneven , hilly roads and took no rest days. I guess I deserve what I got.

Hubby and I drove to town to Goodwill where we were thankful to the generous people who donate their stuff rather than selling it on eBay . We found a good boot in my size and a set of crutches that will work . I put it on and tried walking on it when we went next to Walmart. It is awkward! But not too bad. I know I should get an actual doctor to diagnose me and I probably will, no promises. I’m not a fan of doctors because they usually just take my money and offer no new information. I thoroughly research my ailments in advance to save money . For years we had no health insurance so I’m pretty good at self treatment. Lol!

Now I need to read up on the right usage of the boot . Do you wear it all the time or only when walking ? I just want to take a nap . The day started off sunny , but it’s gray again .

By the way I was registered for the Woodlands marathon today. Feeling pretty bummed about that wasted money . I never should have signed up. I was still injured from my last race . Runner brain . Runner logic . Race addiction. Call it what you want. Camille Herron won the race! She’s awesome.

Almost out of battery so I’ll say goodbye for now.


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