Every race teaches you something

Spectrum Trail Race - Ft Davis - 151-(ZF-10099-30378-1-003)I have completed many races since I posted here last. The above photo was Sky Island 50k. In my last post I said that I was going to only run trails in 2016 and I did just that! What a great year it was. The fun thing was that each race got progressively more challenging for me as I got braver and begin to choose races with more technical trails and longer distances. This year, 2017, I have cut back on racing in order to save money and have more time to train between races.  Here are a few things I wrote down as lessons from two of my races.

Bandera 100k 2017

  1. Drink pickle juice before , during and after the race for cramping.
  2. Drink more water!
  3. Bring my own food because you can’t depend on aid stations to have your favorites or even anything a gluten free person can eat besides fruit.
  4. When the temperature drops below freezing, your water in your hydration pack tube will freeze.
  5. Make hotel reservations early!
  6. Buy new shoes way before race day.
  7. Extra clothes in a drop bag for cold races.
  8. Have a plan to help your pacer can arrive at race on time.
  9.  Buy trekking poles for this race.
  10. Bring plenty of extra headlamps and batteries.
  11. Practice jumping down from things.
  12. Be brave.
  13. Take more photos !

Rocky Raccoon 50 miler 2017

  1. Run your own race, don’t wait for slower friends, you’ll regret it later.
  2. Bring extra clothes if it’s hot.
  3. Push yourself in the last loop.
  4. Don’t plan to drive home right after a 50 miler.
  5. Check your tent bag to make sure all parts are in the bag.
  6. Get a hotel instead of camping, lol!
  7. Do more extra long runs in training. bandera2

And some general stuff I’ve learned since my last post.

  1. I don’t mind running and training alone.
  2. Podcasts are my friend.
  3. Hill training is worth it. Find the biggest hill!
  4. Stairmaster is good training for steep climbs.
  5. Don’t overeat after a long run.
  6. Treadmill hill workouts aren’t as boring as flat treadmill workouts.
  7. GOOD POSTURE is important to running form
  8. Never take your running for granted or over-train.
  9. Family must come first.
  10. Pacing is as much fun as racing!
  11. I like GU Rocktane Endurance drink,  but not Tailwind. I like GU gels AND Spring Energy.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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