Chicago Marathon only 7 more weeks!

I just realized I haven’t blogged since May. My, how time flies when you’re having fun! I have ran a couple of races since then but I’ve mostly been training and also had a nice vacation with the family at the beach.  I was slightly injured but I still got in a few miles of running and biking.

Summer is almost over and I have one thing on my mind. Well, two things. One, we start back to home school next week. And two, the final HARD weeks of marathon training. I’m glad I’m in a Facebook group so I have some support for these runs. I don’t have a local group running this far during August in Texas. Well they are out there but they are crazy fast runners. And I have a problem with my sacroiliac that is causing me great pain when I have to drive more than 15 minutes, soooo, that means running close to home, not in the city with lots of other runners. I live in a rural area on a short street connected to a fairly busy road. So I can only do some many miles on my own street.

Iphone 875

I do have a nice town nearby, so I drive there and run in mostly shady neighborhoods. It takes a lot of loops to get in 15 or more miles! Here is a pic from the cemetery that I run through sometimes. I didn’t run through it when it was still this dark. Creepy!

Iphone 869

Today was a bonus mail day!! I’ve been excited to try a new fuel called Tailwind. And I also have been trying to get some new Asics, but I keep having to send them back for various reasons. Hopefully this pair is the right one! First I got these light colored ones that I never would have ordered on purpose, it was a mistake. Roadrunner Sports has been good about sending me new pairs.

Iphone 871

Today I got these awesome pink ones!

Iphone 876Tomorrow I will be running 16 miles. It has been SUPER hot and humidity here and I have wondered if I can survive it. But I made it 15 miles last weekend, so I can do it !

summervacation2014 051


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