Inclusion is Dividing the Church

Noah built an ark when he was surrounded by dry land. Abram left his family to go to a new land . Moses led millions of people into the wilderness. Daniel and many other prophets gave their kings messages that could have gotten them killed. Joshua crossed into a dangerous land ready to do whatever God told him. Gideon, David, Esther, Ruth and many others followed the voice of God into dangerous territory.

How did they know to do those things? They were listening to God and they recognized and obeyed his authority by faith. Even though these were very risky and difficult actions, they trusted that God knew best.

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God was their ultimate source of authority.

God spoke directly to these heroes of the faith and many others , including kings, servants, women, children and regular people, whose stories of obedience we can read in the Bible.

We could think they were all amazing spiritual giants, but actually many of them failed to obey God soon after they did the thing they’re remembered for.

For example , Abram failed to trust God several times and had trouble because of it, before he got to the point where he was obedient to offer his beloved son Isaac on the altar. Moses failed many times in his early life, even killed a man, and then after his great deeds in the wilderness, still didn’t get to go into the promised land of disobedience. Josiah, a very great king who returned the people to worshipping God, was killed in battle after not listening to God’s warning. David, a man after God’s own heart, committed adultery and had a man killed to cover it up.

How could these “reversal of fortunes” happen for these men of faith? They stopped listening to God. It’s the oldest story in the ‘book’.

Pride goes before destruction. Proverbs 16:18.

These men and others obeyed God’s authority sometimes. But other times they let their pride, lust, anger, ambition, or fear of man control them.

This mental switch took them from doing it God’s way to doing it their way. Instead of obeying God, they decided to obey the flesh.

It’s easy to get the idea that consulting God only matters when it’s related to big decisions or life-changing events. We might be willing to pray and trust God to go be a missionary in a foreign country, but decide to ‘follow our hearts’ or emotions on other things.

In today’s world it might be easier to build an ark in the desert than to go against public opinion.

The church is rejecting God’s authority to rule

So how does inclusion relate to our story of great heroes of the Bible who listened and obeyed God as their authority?

I believe that the church’s decline is a result of rejecting God’s authority. In order to keep certain groups happy, and be seen as inclusive, we have abandoned the truth of God’s word when it deviates from their opinion. If we want to see God work in our lives and those of the unsaved, American churches need to be willing to be unpopular with the enemies of God.

Being inclusive is not bad when it relates to not excluding people from participating in jobs, activities, friendships, cliques, etc. because of their personal characteristics.

However, the idea of being inclusive as it relates to sin does not come from God.

It’s okay to tell people who come to church, “Come as you are.”, but not “Stay as you are.”.

To be more specific, I am talking about the ‘inclusive’ churches that have decided that not only should Christians welcome homosexuals as members of the church, but they should full accept the homosexual lifestyle as normal, allow homosexual clergy and teachers, and same-sex marriage to be performed in the church.

The Methodist church will soon be splitting into two denominations. One that believes what the Bible says, and one that doesn’t. It’s been a long time coming and very difficult for everyone. Of course, like any divorce, there is also money and property division that is still being hashed out.

The new liberal version of the Methodist church will welcome all versions of sexuality.

This is not the first church to change its historical beliefs to suit the culture . Others will likely follow.

In case anyone thinks I am personally being judgmental , I want to state here that I have loved ones who live homosexual lifestyles and who believe that God made them that way. I LOVE them! I do not shun them. But I want the best for them and that includes knowing the truth. The truth is that people have many desires and thoughts and just because it has to do with ‘love’ doesn’t make it okay in God’s eyes. I don’t think homosexual behavior is the worst sin, but I also do not want them to be in danger of God’s wrath! For a church to ignore or change what the Bible teaches is wrong. If you disagree with God’s word, that is between you and God.

False teachers have changed the definitions of Bible terms.

The false teachings of they cult of progressive ‘Christianity’ have been brought in to the mainstream church, especially the more liberal denominations like the Methodists. These lies are so crafty that many are being led away from the truth.

Progressive church websites boast that they are inclusive. What they mean by this is not that all are welcome to come and learn the truth about God, as taught by God. They mean that all beliefs are considered equally valid and accepted in their church.

They are unwilling to define ‘truth’ as the Word of God.

I was going to post a quote here from a progressive ‘sermon’ but the entire thing was absolute gobbledygook. True Christians will be able to see that their teachings are very cult-like, full of obfuscation, misleading, use words with changed meanings, and have nothing in common with the God of the Bible.

Just like the serpent, they love to ask “Did God really say?” and try to remake every Christian doctrine. You can read more about that in this post. God’s authority, historical, orthodox Christianity, based on the Bible, has been replaced by more popular doctrines that allow people to believe and do whatever makes them feel good!

Homosexuality is only the most discussed sin that has been deemed ‘normal’ by the progressive church. Every other sin will naturally be tolerated, except the ‘sin’ of judging. By making this new rule, the Bible becomes powerless, all of Jesus’ teachings and the reasons for his life, death and resurrection must be redefined. The doctrine of judgment and hell is erased and ‘tolerance’ becomes the new religion.

But what about the idea that Jesus already forgave our sins? Yes, he did, for those who have repented and believed. But that doesn’t mean we keep on sinning.

There is a spiritual battle going on for our souls! When you give your body over to sexual immorality you are exposing your soul to the power of the devil.

Read more here and here about what the Bible says about homosexual temptations and behavior.

#sexpositive ??

The flesh’s desires have become the ultimate authority. Sex, pride, emotions, and cultural gods are controlling the message that comes from the pulpit of these progressive churches. Some are simply remaining silent about the changes and going along with the crowd.

If you’re not watching closely, you may be unaware of a specific trend that I find very telling, a movement called ‘sex positivity’ or being #sexpositive. You might expect that of THE WORLD, but the first place I saw the hashtag was on a Canadian progressive Christian pastor’s Instagram post. I was curious so I checked other posts with that hashtag and then I wished I hadn’t.

I don’t recommend looking up the term, I will just tell you that it’s a movement designed to normalize obsession with sex, under the guise of normalizing healthy sexual attitudes. Going along with it is the widespread advertising of sex ‘toys’ as if it’s impossible to have a normal sex life without them! And sales are good. They even sell them at Walmart now.

New believers or those with limited Bible knowledge may not be aware that all pagan religions used sex as part of their ‘worship’. Fertility rites, temple prostitutes, and also the sacrifice of infants to their gods were a common theme in pagan cults of the past.

Phallic symbols of statues and art, sex ‘toys’, and pornography imagery goes back to ancient times. We are seeing a revival of this. There is nothing new under the sun.

Why even mention this #sexpositive trend? Because I believe it goes along with the unwarranted public and political and church focus on sexuality, which used to be a private thing.

While sex is a wonderful gift from God, this movement is obviously meant to go way beyond that point. I’ll leave it at that. Just remember that Satan’s most famous trick is taking God’s good things and corrupting them.

What about helping the poor, the widow, the orphan and the prisoner?

Yes. Help them! Help them with their physical needs AND their spiritual needs. Share your food and the bread of Life, Jesus. Free the prisoners from their slavery to sin and death while you work for justice for those falsely imprisoned. Introduce orphans to their heavenly Father while providing them loving homes.

Share the riches of Christ Jesus as you give of your earthly goods and wealth. Give the living water to the thirsty while you dig wells. God cares about people’s physical needs, but he also says that we will live on after our bodies die. We must not stop sharing the gospel.


The American church needs to wake up. Due to following our own way, we have allowed false teachings to weaken the church’s foundation. God warned Israel many times before he finally brought disaster on them. I pray that God will bring revival!

Only by teaching and believing that God’s word is the authority over our lives will things be able to change.

Denominations are splitting over one very narrow issue, homosexual behavior, which means that God’s word is no longer the authority on that issue.

It’s not true that people don’t want to ‘judge’ others.

The question of whether it’s ‘un-Christian’ to get or not get the vaccine is NOT mentioned in the Bible, yet people are quick to judge on vaccine status.

Today’s heroes of the faith will be those who refuse to bow down to the gods of the flesh on the authority of the Bible on homosexuality and other issues that are sure to come.

How about you? Are you willing to stand alone even if people hate you? Will you refuse to go along with sin, even when you could lose friends, your job, your influence? Is your heart broken when you see sin being promoted as ‘justice’? Do you mourn over the lostness in the world, or do you defend it? Are you willing to obey Christ if it means persecution, imprisonment, or death? Now is the time to think about these things.

desert with the words As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15


  1. Very well said. I too have seen this in action and weep for those who don’t see or who are lead astray. Many lost are going to seek what they perceive to be the easiest way, not understanding that the truth, is not the easiest. You are correct in that standing and sharing the truth is not readily accepted and will get more difficult with the passing of time and the further falling of the church.

  2. As you noted, the Methodist split is not the first time the “organizational” church has split, and it will not be the last unless Jesus returns very soon. The New Testament never “ordained” an organization of the Church (with a capital C), but calls every one to trust in Him in faith. The reform attempts of the second century going up to the Reformation were all attempts to bring the organizational church into line with the Church of Jesus Christ.
    He still works the same way He did with the saints you mention in the Old Testament, by speaking to those who will listen and obey.
    We see a two-fold experience for the Church in the last days: 1) an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and deepening of disciples’ commitment to Jesus; 2) a great “falling away” will occur (maybe already has, but just is not recognized). I want to be on Jesus’ side in the final debate; His Word will carry the Day!

  3. Being “born that way” doesn’t excuse any and every behavior. My husband said that the moment our daughter was born he could tell she had a temper. But if someone were to rub her the wrong way and she beat that person up for it, I doubt a judge would accept the excuse, “But Your Honor, I have a temper – I was born that way.” I think the charge of assault and battery would stand.
    Having said that, I do not believe that same sex attraction is sin. It’s a temptation, and like all temptations, the important decision is what to do with it.

  4. Thank you posting. Very well done! The Presbyterian church, Lutherans, and Episcopalians went through their own breakup over following the Bible’s teaching; now, it’s the Methodists. So sad.

  5. My email signature has been the same for ages since I came into the ministry: “Meeting people where they are does not mean leaving them there.” Some say that it’s up for debate but that’s not what my heart and soul say after reading the encounters of Jesus on His earthly ministry. People were never left the same aftward. Either they were in awe and amazed or they were disgusted and sought for how to take Hima nd evidence of Him being the Messiah out. Even some were just down and disturbed because He was too much for them to accept (sorta like that rich young ruler.)

    But I was admittedly thrown off by the title of “inclusion.” As a minister focused on reaching His lost sheep without a shepherd, I was thrown off. I thought this was a post on lock this thing down and keep it reserved for saved folks. I got a better idea from the post itself and another conversation with a pastor friend of mine.

    Inclusion itself isn’t killing the church. Invitation with an inclusive air of acceptance and a withdrawal from doctrine and discipleship, even development, leads to malnourished “babes in Christ.” No desire for the sincere milk of the Word will emerge from such conditions. And the object of faith is NOT Christ but turning the church upside down so that things seem more equitable and fair, even balanced in the eyes of the worldly who now amass for worship.

    That’s the school of thought that has many pastors cowering and cringing rather than confronting and combating the forces behind such notions and ideas. It’s the role of leadership to defend the Gospel (Good News) and ensure that faith in Jesus as the Christ be the main agenda item, not politics, social change, and numerous other issues that are important but not the priority of the church.

    I look forward to reading future posts from you and would certainly entertain hearing more of your views on the church being the church once again.

    Shane Claiborne once said in The Irresistible Revolution: “People respond in different ways.”

    And I can only imagine what else you got.

    If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you – John 15:18 (ESV)

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful comment. You’re so right that we must ‘include’ the lost in the church. I was using that term because that is what the Progressive church calls it, accepting people and then not expecting any personal holiness other than social activism, and as I posted in an article about Progressive churches, some don’t even preach the basic doctrine of salvation. I just posted an update that my husband is very ill with Covid. I will try to think about this topic more when he is well, God willing. Prayers appreciated.

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