Input please! Life Skills for Teens Podcast

Hi bloggers! I woke up early, as in 2 AM, and my brain is working overtime.

I have an idea for a podcast series and I would really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

What are some specific life skills that you consider essential, helpful, and/or just life-enhancing that you think would be great for teens to learn before they leave the house, or even after they move out ?

Think of things you wish your parents or school had taught you. Skills that would make life easier, more enjoyable, and/or help young people be more successful.

Some areas might include practical skills , job skills, interpersonal skills, organizational, financial and planning skills.

I can’t wait to read your comments! Thank you 😊


  1. Remember how we (or maybe just I did?) had home-ec in 7th grade – we learned how to cook and clean and meal plan and sew and iron clothes? I have an old book of life skills that were taught in the 50s that taught hygiene, it’s kind of fun to read. Anyhoo, we’re in the 2020s and that stuff has been replaced with you know what. I imagine that anything you find that discusses about how to survive a week without your parents home might be a good place to start? Good luck and have fun with it!

  2. My Dad was a wonderful father and good man. Also, he was a master mechanic with no “official” training. He could tear his Dodge truck engine down to the block and reassemble it, replacing worn parts from a junk yard excursion. But he was a poor teacher and didn’t know how to communicate what he had taught himself to do. So for all his love for me, all he would have me do was turn the ignition key while his head was under the hood.

  3. As a speech teacher, I taught a short-term intensive course (2-1/2 hours a day for 2weeks) in debate. We were supposed to think up a creative title for the course, so I called it “How to win an argument.” (The class was filled to capacity, and then some.)

  4. This is such a great idea! Especially since schools don’t bother teaching life skills anymore. There’s so much they don’t know now. I think teaching them how to balance work life and home life, how to write a check (some places still only accept checks for bills around here), how to budget, etc. I could go on for days! Lol!

  5. I would 100% recommend personal finance skills. How to construct a budget with allowances for unforeseen events and saving. How is the security on a mortgage, car loan, and credit card different, and how does that affect the cost of financing something? How can debt start to compete with other spending priorities and what is the total cost of something that is financed vs paid for in cash? What behavior makes some people better targets for scams? I’d also talk about the costs of big life events, like having a baby or moving. And how to invest money. Like the difference between different kinds of accounts (checking, savings, brokerage, retirement). Would also recommend resume and interview skills. How to go after certain certifications, how to talk about your accomplishments.

      • Happy to be a call-in guest if you give me a couple months to prepare what to say. Oddly enough, I am in the middle of making a curriculum for this topic.

  6. Although I am not a huge fan of her personality, Martha Stewart published two extremely good housekeeping guides that I like to give to young adults striking out on their own: The Martha Manual, which talks about how to handle pretty much anything around the house, and Martha Stwart’s Cooking School, which I like because it focuses more on technique than recipes (how can you tell when meat is done, what kinds of tools do you use for what, etc.). These could almost be textbooks on how to run a household over time. One of your books on home remedies would also be good.

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