I’ve Been Busy!

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I just wanted to share with my blogging friends what I have been up to. I feel like I need a separate blog just for these kinds of posts, but for now this is all I have. I’ve always wanted to find a way to monetize my blog and I have looked into it before. Due to limited time, I was not able to figure out all the ins and outs of how it works. However I’ve been super focused the past two weeks and I have made a ton of progress and learned a bunch of new skills and information about social media marketing, etc.

For instance, I never understood Pinterest or the point of it, but after listening to some marketing podcasts, I see the value and I am now using Pinterest to drive traffic here. I also learned how to use Canva to make graphics and I signed up for several affiliate companies. I am still learning so bear with me. Most of y’all probably won’t see any of the ads if you use the Reader like I do. I am trying to get more traffic from organic searches on Google so those visitors will see the ads. I’m still very busy with my normal duties here, including having a house guest this week from Wisconsin. I need more hours in the day!

woman on laptop

The affiliate thing has been interesting. I was turned down by a few and accepted by others. I’m really hoping to become an Audible affiliate for my podcast . I joined ShareASale that offers multiple companies. I contacted Thrift Books by email to sign up with them because I really like their company and products. I like any company that can compete with Amazon and do well! (Both of those links are affiliate links. I am required to disclose that I will earn a commission if you purchase anything from Thrift Books or sign up for ShareASale.) I was recently approved for Dollar Tree. Here is an example of one of their links.

Shop $1 Flip-Flops at Dollar Tree!

Please pray for me as I try to honor and glorify God while learning how to build a website that produces income. At this time I am still clarifying my ‘brand’ so things may change over time. I’ve always just posted whatever topic I was interested in, but I may have to narrow it down a bit. That’s hard to do! I don’t like censoring myself to be more socially acceptable or just writing to sell things.

What comes to mind when you think of my blog? Who would you consider my target audience based on what you read here? How can I improve?

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts and listen to my podcast. I hope to record one this weekend. My latest one https://anchor.fm/blueskiesandgreenpastures/episodes/Living-with-Lissencephaly-Miller-Dieker-Syndrome-Ep-31-e127mso has been popular. If you want to follow me on Pinterest my account there is https://www.pinterest.com/paulakadams/ . If you get a chance, click on www.blueskiesandgreenpastures.com and let me know what you think of the site in general. And I’d love your thoughts on my new header.

Thank you! Happy weekend!


  1. I LOVE thriftbooks, lol! I buy as many books there as possible 🙂 I will definitely use your link in the future!! The new header looks amazing! Good luck!! God Bless!

    • It’s basically a visual search engine . You can either go there directly or you can search images on Google and many are Pinterest links. If you click on the image it takes you to the related website, if there is one .

  2. Not much help from me, Paula, I’m afraid. I enjoy your blogs and thoughtful commentary on Scripture or cultural/social trends. Your dedication to Jesus shines through, and after reading some New Agers or athiests or “others” you are always a breath of fresh air, fresh from the Holy Spirit.
    I’m not on Pinterest, Twitter, FB, or any other social media, so WP is enough for me.
    Anita and I do not have anyone significantly handicapped in our life, but we have friends with children who are, so your thoughts and ideas around this issue weigh in our hearts when we read how you and your daughter interact with your family.
    Sometimes I feel too old to learn ANYthing new, as if someone tells me how to make a YouTube video, I’m going to forget where I was born; just not enough room in the “gray room.”
    But I wish you well, and you are on my daily “prayer walk” when the Lord and I “stop” in Texas to “visit” other friends as well.
    yours and His, c.a.

    • I understand. My gray matteroften feels a bit crowded or maybe overused . Thank you for your prayers ! Hope you’re feeling better. 🙏

      • Much. Got my second shot of vaccine in a clinical trial, and physically doing well. Spiritually, walking every day in Father’s grace. Emotionally, still a roller coaster, some days better than others. Whisper a prayer for me if you think of me.
        yours and His, c.a.

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