Who are the WEF and what are they trying to do ?

You may have heard that the WEF said “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy “. Who ? What ?!

In a nutshell , the WEF is like a union , more specifically , a mafia, that wants to control the world’s energy market and wants to use laws like carbon credits and fines to do it .

From their website:

“The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”

Leadership : “The Forum is chaired by Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. It’s guided by a Board of Trustees, exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values, and oversee the Forum’s work in promoting true global citizenship.”

Based on the above I would interpret the WEF as a relatively small group of highly educated and motivated people who share a desire to control the business methods and economic development of the rest of the world which they believe should be considered as a global unit , not individual self-governing , self-ruling countries. Their professed goal is to save the planet but if you dig deeper, it appears that the actual goals are how to extract more profits from more people using redistribution of income (more buyers) and taking control of and eliminating the use of fossil fuels and their products such as plastics and replacing them with new products of their own invention. For example replacing products that are currently produced with oil with products made with wood.

I also believe, but can’t prove , that they are actually trying to hinder the progress of emerging free markets in poor countries and get control of them before they get too powerful and unmanageable. These are people who , thanks to technology and the the internet, have been able to join in the global exchange of goods and services without having to rely on banks and loans ! Truly free markets are those that allow two responsible agents to act in their own free will in their own best interests to buy and sell and conduct business. But third parties, governments, have always inserted themselves by requiring taxation, licensing, regulations, trade laws, and banking laws. Schools have also done their part by not teaching anything about business so as to keep the majority of citizens out of the market and reduce competition. Technology has made it possible for some people to get around those barriers. You can now learn almost anything for free online , start your own business, and become a part of the global economy. Although the WEF talks as if ending poverty is their goal, they want to be in control of the global economy.

This post has a lot of technical information and terms, but the important thing is that the World Economic Forum is working together to influence governments which gives them the power of a governing and legislative body that decides how world governments and individuals can conduct business, without being elected by anyone . They are simply a think tank of rich people or a PAC. You can skip down to read their totalitarian goals for the world .

“The three crucial elements of what WEF means by multi-stakeholder are embedded here. First, that multi-stakeholder structures do not mean equal roles for all stakeholders; second, that the corporation is at the centre of the process; and third, that the list of WEF’s multi-stakeholders is principally those with commercial ties to the company: customers, creditors, suppliers, collaborators, owners, and national economies. All the other potential stakeholders are grouped together as “government and society”. Note that Schwarb says nothing about democracy in this approach to multi-stakeholder activities.”


You can google all of those terms along with their implications and see that this is not pro-freedom or democratic .


“Sharing our experience in developing ways of life that are distinct from the culture of transnational production imposed by capitalism, that now wants to disguise itself as “green”, is fundamental for building an alternative society in which we, the people, are the protagonists.”

They have been working towards dismantling free market capitalism for many years . The final step is overcoming American political power and will. They hope that the Covid pandemic is the key to their success.


“To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.” Schwab

What the quote above about owning nothing refers to is that you’ll “rent” things instead of owning. In other words , they are talking about eliminating private property . Not that it all belongs to everyone or God or anything like that. Someone is going to own it and manage who gets to use it , but not the people. As we all know , he who owns the resources controls them.

Under the guise of saving the world and the earth (climate action) , a group of unelected volunteers are about to attempt a seizure of power like no other . National Governments will no longer make their own laws but will be subject to the higher authority of this global government that the WEF and UN and their partners have been setting up . This is no conspiracy theory . Their high sounding goals are in fact going to make a few people very powerful and many corporations even more monopolistic. I don’t know if we can do anything to stop it but at least we should be honest about what is happening and not pretend it’s a good thing for the people of the world or the earth .


The highlights from the article link above.

“The pandemic has highlighted the need to challenge our assumptions and understanding. We need to change what is clearly no longer suited to our times and the future we want in the face of several existential threats. Here are 10 broad areas to consider:

1. Transforming the corporate world

2. Rethinking monetary policy for public good

3. Reimagining growth

4. Abandoning the ‘free hand of the market’

5. Revoking the free ride of the gig economy

6. Valuing work that is essential

7. Reframing development priorities

8. Rebuilding the collapsed food system

9. Start a managed retreat from nature

10. Geopolitics behind Western supremacy

Corporations need to deal with the new realities for resilience in the interconnected economy, and what growth means in an increasing digitalised world.

Individuals, much as we each yearn to return to life as it was before the pandemic, have to adjust to a life that has greater restrictions on what we can do, and most importantly, in harmony with nature.

Leaders, especially, should make their mark and grab the opportunity to fix the mistakes of the past and allow for a true reset.”


As we can see in the above list from the WEF, they believe that they are in charge of saving the world. I don’t recall voting for them. Did you?


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