Ten Reasons to Marry an Ultrarunner – For Women

  1. Constant training means they’re able to chase down purse-snatchers and hit and run drivers.
  2. Their ability to go long periods without sleep will be helpful with a newborn in the house.
  3. Willingness to get up early for runs will make it easier when you want them to bring you breakfast in bed.
  4. No need to nag them to exercise and eat healthy.
  5. You always know what they are thinking about.
  6. They actually like to go shoe shopping.
  7. You always know what they want for their birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Flag day….race registrations!
  8. They are always hungry and will be more willing to go out to eat.
  9. Those sexy legs and bizarrely low resting heart rate !
  10. You’ll get to brag about all their accomplishments to your (former) friends at work.


Below is one of my favorite fuels for running long distances. Depending on how much I’ve eaten for breakfast, the weather, and the distance, I will usually eat a GU packet about every 3 to 4 miles on a run longer than one hour. Be sure to follow the GU with a drink of water. Please CLICK the picture to order from Amazon!



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