Asking for help and getting ridiculed instead

Today I posted a sincere question on a local Facebook group asking the following question. “What do 13-15 year old boys do for fun around here?”. This is not a dumb question if you live in a rural home and home school your kids and they don’t play sports. I never see teenage boys out and about in public around here. I am genuinely asking, where are the boys and what are they doing for fun?! I’m not talking about activities for 3 – 9 years olds.  That age is easy. Out of 5 replies, none were really helpful, but 2 were outright sarcastic and rude comments meant to imply that my question was stupid and I must be an idiot. One of them wrote: “WOW. No comment”. I had to restrain myself from replying to that jerk. The other wrote: “Teach them to work.” Well , sir, my kids work plenty. Probably more than most kids. That was not my question.

At first I agreed with them due to my lack of self-confidence, but then I realized that these are probably trolls or people with even less to do than my kids since they are at home in the middle of a work day. Then I blocked them. I am still bothered by it, though, because I do not treat people like that and I’m always shocked when someone is purposely hurtful to me. Yes, I am a bit naive, but I’d rather be naive than a mean person.

So I edited my post and added more specific information and then I also posted on my own Facebook wall. I got some nice replies, but they don’t live near me so it’s not that helpful. The whole episode just makes me want to go back into my little hobbit hole and avoid the world that I don’t understand. But I will keep trying to make contact with people like myself and my family who do not conform to this world’s norms. And I will remind myself that most societal norms are actually myths.

Do you have a not-yet-driving or working teen boy? What do they do for FUN in the summer and on weekends? Do you live in a rural area or the city?


  1. I’ve been around Facebook group comment threads before, and it’s not a nice place. Some people run wild on the internet and most, I think, don’t care to be patient or at least try not be rude. My reaction to that has to just not read or post anything on Facebook in groups anymore.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you. There are some good groups on Facebook, but I prefer the small ones that are closed and moderated and that kick out rude people. Maybe you can try again. 🙂

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