Buzzed Blogging

I was just hanging up laundry and had the idea that it would be better for me to write my blog while buzzed. I’m so much more interesting! At least to myself. So, two rum and Frescas later, here I am, typing away like some kind of writer.


I really don’t mind doing laundry.  As a runner , my race t-shirts and other running clothing is very special to me and loaded with memories and happy feelings. I don’t mind that they need to be hung to dry because they are ‘tech’ material, whatever that is. Actually it means polyester, something we once thought was for poor people or in bad taste or just ugly, but has become a sought-after thing.  Only purists cry for those awful all unisex, cotton 5k  race t-shirts! Or was that yesterday’s opinion? The fads change so quickly.  I love my race jacket that I got at my last marathon.  It works great for this weird climate change weather. Usually it’s hot every day in Texas, yep, year round, but it’s been chilly a lot lately. Well, okay, it did snow this winter but it was 80 degrees the same week, if I recall correctly.

Ugh. My son just came in the room asking about intermittent fasting! He’s thin and young, 21, I think . He does not need to fast! I’m a bad influence with all my focus on food and diets. I’m old and trying not to gain weight. I’m 53. Is that old? I have gray hair if I don’t dye it. But I ran 100 miles , so I’m still alive. But for how long?

Okay, back to the weather, well that’s boring. Everyone knows it’s been weird.  Let’s talk about something else.

I have this pile of bills next to me.  The devil tries to get me down with worries about money, but , nope. God takes care of me! We’ve been surviving our whole lives , well almost 27 married years , on my husband’s  income and God has provided. Thank you, Jesus.  I love you! Not being irreverent. I mean it, thank you! I know that many people worry about money and it’s no wonder since the world tries to tell you to do this and that so you can buy this and that and also that you should prepare for your future. Well, I am not prepared. I live week to week. Paycheck to paycheck, like millions of people.  It is what it is. Money does not buy security or happiness. Money cannot buy true love or health. And if you can’t buy happiness, love or health, then why stress? The Bible says if you have food and clothing, it’s enough. I do like my extra stuff, though.

But what about the poor, the homeless? I don’t know. America has always provided for them and God is there for them, too. It’s a mystery. But Jesus is the answer.

I’m tired now. I am old, like I said, and my body knows what time it is, bedtime. Good night my fellow bloggers ! I’m sure you are the only ones who will read this. Thank you. I promise to do more buzzed blogging if you like this one.


    • BCS is one of my favorite races. But it was my first half and first full , so I am kinda sentimental about it. It’s very well done from start to finish. Also got a nice shirt with the jacket. Thanks for reading!

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